Jessica (bunny_faerie) wrote,

blizzards and cool furry boots

so i'm in austria and it is sooo wonderful to be doing this kind of skiing. at first there wasn't any snow but then it blizzarded for 2 days! so the snow was so thick and powdery and awesome. the only thing is that it is so crowded here. i could barely make it down one slope near the bottom of the mountain without being smacked in the face by a bunch of ski poles! and everybody skiis here mwuahaha... seriously it's only like 20% snowboarders or less. i totally just made that up but it at least seems like that.

my family is insane for trying to be in a small room together for 10 days. it gets a little crazy. we're actually staying in a house because all the hotels around were totally booked! but it's really cool... these people own a house and use all the rooms for travellers to stay in. everyone here has the coolest accent! i love being around english and german speakers.

i'm really excited that i'll be home for a pretty long time after i get back! i don't go to biola again until the 27th. except i'm planning on taking anyone who wants to go on a little road trip to biola during this break to see kev... otherwise i won't be seeing him for an entire month!

k i have to go.. using the internet here is super expensive.
ta ta
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