Jessica (bunny_faerie) wrote,

class schedules

i just thought about how i never posted what classes i was taking this past semester. not that you all were dying to know haha. it's not terribly interesting, but i feel like posting anyway.

fall semester:

1. Foundations of Christian Thought
2. Business Statistics
3. Principles of Accounting I
4. First Year Seminar: Business
5. United States History
6. Fitness Walking & Jogging
7. Introduction to Psychology

(and i got an A- in history which made my gpa a 3.94. i know i shouldn't be disappointed at all ha, but i can't help it!)

for upcoming spring semester:

1. Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation
2. New Testament History & Literature
3. Principles of Macroeconomics
4. Principles of Accounting II
5. Introduction to Marketing
6. Beginning Aerobics (Gospel Aerobics)

(all business and bible plus one pe. i probably shouldn't be taking NT before OT but i find myself to be okay with it..)
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i'm overwhelmed just reading your fall semester & kevin both deserve a massive batch of cookies...haha.

i don't know if i've told you already, but i'm taking statistics this semester... :(

and Gospel Aerobics? that's so great