Jessica (bunny_faerie) wrote,

peace, love, and joy, jesus loves you

^ I miss the African kids.

Monday: had a lazy day at home; then went to Kev's house; went out to On the Border; we saw Click which was hilarious.

Tuesday: went to work, then picked up my brother at day camp (he's interning); saw Anthony and talked to him for a while; played at Golden Tee with my brother; dropped him off at the Ice Creamery to hang out with Julia's sisters, their friend, and Steven Morrow; picked up Kevin; went to Crossroads college group; Joe spoke about marriage; Kevin and I went out with Roman and Ashley to Fong's; had a good talk with Mrs. Fong; went to Kyle's house and watched Monte Cristo with him, Anthony, Kelly, Malachi, Rachael, STEPHANIE!! (she visited), and Tim.

Wednesday: worked again; went to Kevin's house; went out with Roman and Ashley to Don Jose's; was supposed to hang out with Anthony but it didn't work out.

Thursday: worked again all day; went out to meet Kevin for ice cream but then he had to go work at 20/20; tried calling everyone but nobody answered except Julia - talked to her on the phone for a long time; went to Mike Forrest's house for the Bible study; at first Chelsey was the only other freshman there and was forcing people to eat burritos; Monica, Peter, and Terence ended up coming; all these other people from Pennsylvania (from Mike's old church) came and did the study with us and were staying at his house; the study was really awesome even though I haven't even read the book yet.

Kevin came to hang out afterward and him, Monica, Peter, Terence and I talked for a while. I forced them to watch my Circle of Life Africa Safari video I made. I heard heartbreaking news that the baby of William the Youth Care leader in Africa died because it was choked by the umbilical cord. This makes me very very sad, because he was so excited about his first baby.

We started talking about Calvinism, and Mike came and talked to us about limited atonement and definite atonement (TULIP vs. TUDIP).
THEN we counted down the seconds until my birthday, and I was like "YAY I'M 18!" and I ate a million NOW N LATERS, seriously.
I left at 12:20, but it was a good 20 minutes of spending my birthday with people.

Today, I woke up to this:

My family is sweet, and both my parents took time off work in the morning to have breakfast.
John is all tired from the all-nighter at day camp. He said he had the worst demonic kids possible and he got no sleep.

Later, I'm going out with Cary, Andrew, and Kev for dinner, and then I'll be going to the African kids choir at church (7:00).
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africa pics soon?
yes i'm still waiting for the ones that our photographer took