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On Monday, I was sitting outside at a table by the grass at Biola and it was like a warm summer day. Now I'm home and it's chilly and it actually feels like the holidays are coming for real! Because it's weird when all the stores are decorated for Christmas and it's hot outside. Baby, it's hot outside?

On Monday night, I really couldn't sleep. I hadn't been home once and I was soooo excited about everything that was going to happen, and I really couldn't fall asleep! Haha, I'm such a dork. And the fact that Kevin had been back home since Friday was killing me, because I felt like I was missing out on seeing everyone like he was. And I was even starting to miss Kevin because he was gone haha. I really couldn't wait to go home. I've missed my house and everyone so much (and I know it hasn't even been that long).

Yesterday, we were supposed to leave before 12. But nobody really helped to make that happen, and we didn't leave until later. But it's okay. Becky was taking a girl Sara, who lives an hour from here, and then our good friend Ashley, who's from South Dakota (but couldn't go that far for Thanksgiving break, so we have her up here for the weekend!), and I took Jessica Davis. It was a frustrating start to just get going and get on the 5. But once we were finally going, I was super excited, and Jessica and I were pretty much just singing fun songs alllll the way up. We had some good conversations too.

The drive was soooooo long. It just never ended. But Jessica and I didn't get sick of singing to songs. We were usually way behind Becky, because she drives like a madwoman, weaving in and out of everybody (and I was going 100 a lot of times! But usually about 80.) I was loving how it was getting colder and more overcast the higher we went up. And once the 5 turned into the 580, Jessica and I were just screaming, "FIIIIIVVVEEEEEE EIIIIIIIGHHHHTY YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!" It was so exciting, you don't even know. We weren't going to make it back soon enough before Crossroads started, but we got there at about 8:30. I had called Kevin when I was passing Hacienda, and he told everyone "Jessica's coming in about 20 minutes," and all I heard was April going "WOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAA, JEEEEEESSSSSIIICAAAA!" Haha. When I came in, I went to the bathroom first, but April, Kelly, and Cary saw me and ran inside screaming and hugging me. Aww, they're so cute. And when I went inside, luckily they were playing "turkey trivia" and not doing worship music. Chelsey ran toward me and tackled me to the ground, and it was kinda embarassing. I felt like I was making the hugest distraction ever. I loved how I was getting showered by everyone's love, but it was also pretty overwhelming. And April hugged me like a thousand million times, even though she's seen me down at Biola haha. I said hi to Rachael, Lindsey, Malachi, Jimmy, Nathan, Kyle, Guy, Paul, and Jen and Nate, which I pretty much made the most awkward thing ever, and then Sam came too! I loved being there, but it felt weird. It was weird that Mike was gone. And it was weird that I don't go there on a regular basis anymore. But I was just happy to be there. Oh, and the potluck was pretty sweet. Got some pie :)

Actually, on the car ride home to my house right after that, I started crying. I don't know why this is such a big emotional deal for me! I feel like it shouldn't be a huge deal. I don't know. I was even missing the drive to my house. When I drove down our driveway, I saw the bright yellow eyes and furry black figure of Cody who always runs up to greet me when I come home..... and then I saw a second pair of yellow eyes and a black figure in the background, which would usually be Boss. I thought it was at first, but then I realized that Boss is gone and I'm stupid.. John told me we were dogsitting for someone. Made me sad though.

The house was dark when I opened the door, and I was really sad to think that I got home too late and my family had already gone to bed. But then the lights turned on and there were a couple balloons and a cake! It was sooo nice. My mom was in bed though, cause I guess work really wipes her out now. But she was awake and I hung out with my whole family down in my parents' room. We talked about a lot of stuff and it was just... good to be home. I miss it, I really do.
My room is so much more empty, which is weird. But I loooved waking up in my bed this morning. Sooo nice. And apparently Cody gets to be in the house now since Boss is gone. And I went to visit my Yiayia and Papou, which was really good. We're getting all prepared for the feast tomorrow, yay! My grandparents of course sent me away with blueberries, my favorite thing ever. They're always so good to me. I love them.

I'm going to help my mom set up the tables for tomorrow, and then I'm going ice skating tonight!!!!!!!! And I'm hoping to connect with Cary as well today. If I was able to get out any sooner, I totally would have dropped by to see Leah! But Cary told me you'll be leaving before I get out there. Love you though!
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