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bunny_faerie's Journal

14 July
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11/13, 50's stuff, alaska, alice in wonderland, animals, art, artichoke dip, baking, ballet, beaches, being a packrat, being happy, being myself, big stuffed animals, blueberries, bodega bay, boogie-boarding, books, bright blue eyes, bubbles, bunnies, bunny faerie, california, candyland, chinese food, chocolate, christ, christian books, christians, christmas, church, cookie dough, costa rica, crunching leaves, cutesy stuff, davidoff cool water, disney stuff, disneyland, disneyworld, dolphins, drawing, dressing up, elephants, encouragement, faeries, faith, fireworks, flip flops, forever 21, god, hamsters, hawaii, hearts, horse-back riding, horses, hume lake, humility, jamba juice, jelly bellies, jesus, jesus freaks, july 14, kevin, kisses, late-night phone conversations, layouts, llamas, love, lucky charms, making people happy, missions, mountains, movies, my dogs, my friends, my grandma's cooking, my greek-ness, nature, neopolitan ice cream, old mustangs, omega, painting, pajamas, peanut butter, perfume, photography, pictures, pie, pink, pixies, play-doh, pleasing god, polka dots, poppyseed muffins, potstickers, princess lolly, rain, rainbows, raindrops, reading, reese witherspoon, retro, roller coasters, romance, roses, san francisco, sand, santa cruz, seashells, shirley temples, shoes, smoothies, snorkeling, snow, snow skiing, snowflakes, soccer, sour green apple flavor, squishy stuff, stars, strawberry shortcake, stripes, summer, sunny days, sunshine, swings, the beach, the bible, the internet, the little mermaid, the ocean, the simpsons, tinker bell, touchabubbles, traveling, twain harte, underdog, unicorns, valentine's day, vintage, wakeboarding, wet seal, white cheddar popcorn, willy wonka, winter, wolverine, worship songs, writing, yogurt